About the Camera Apprentice position...

We are looking for a competent Camera Apprentice to work hand in hand with our camera team to constantly raise the bar in innovative, high-quality filmmaking. You’ll be an integral part of our mission to bring stories and striking visuals to every film we create.

A camera apprentice has a steady hand and quick reflexes, and is a team player who works well with the production staff. We want you to be comfortable around expensive and delicate equipment as well as able to concentrate and attend to detail. If you’re passionate about the job and can think of ways to add creativity to your work, we’d love to meet you.

Camera Apprentice responsibilities are:

  • Working with camera team in a supporting role

  • Having a quick reflex and a good attitude

  • Knowing the ins and outs of the equipment

  • Capturing images accordingly

  • Working with other team members on set

  • Assisting with gear

Camera Apprentice requirements are:

  • Experience with cameras and set work

  • Familiar with film equipment

  • Passionate in this field

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)

  • Good Physical condition

  • Bachelor's degree in filmmaking studies or related field is preferred

Position type:

12 Week Program