In addition to our Full-Time team at Evolve Studio we regularly work with core freelancers on a part-time or permalancer basis. We are always on the on the look out for core collaborators in specialized disciplines.

About the Producer position...

Competent producers support all aspects of our company's work. The team will count on you in seeing through a project from its beginning all the way through wrap. Communication, efficiency, and interpersonal skills are all a high priority in this role. Our producers are active in bidding projects, delegating roles and responsibilities, making critical decision, and representing Evolve with our clients.

The ideal team member is a proactive individual who can multi-task, and solve problems on fly. Their positive, “can-do”, no-nonsense, no-drama attitude sets the tone for a well run production process.

Producer requirements are:

  • at least 3-4 years experience producing a wide variety of film and video content (Commercial, Episodic, Digital, Social, Documentary, etc) is preferred

  • Working knowledge of AICP procedures

  • Working knowledge of film, lighting, and grip equipment

  • Set experience leading and managing crews of 15-150

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written

  • A patient and thoughtful team player
  • Valid Driver’s license

Position type: